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wpid-IMAG0227.jpgDog Training

Smarter than Your Dog! recognizes that it really is both the owner and the dog who require training.  Training therefore always addresses both owner-coaching and dog-training. Trainer Debbie Exley employs Positive-Based Training principles, instructing owners how to Praise/Reward desired behaviors and shut down all reinforcers for undesirable behaviors.

“My goal in training is to get the dog to want to do what I want. I should see ears up and tail wagging. Nobody is having fun when a dog is MADE to perform a behavior. I want the dog looking up at the owner, smiling and happily wondering what the owner wants next.”

Day Care

Daycare fun 1Smarter than Your Dog! Daycare gives your dog a stimulating day with their canine friends, then they go home TIRED. Owners enjoy a dog-free, guilt-free day. We use a canine pack model, and the dogs are continuously supervised. This approach helps dogs learn appropriate pack behaviors.

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