Day Care

Watch a video of typical action on the day care floor.



Our day care model builds stable canine packs and minimizes your dog’s stress. What’s a “stable canine pack?” It’s a social unit where the dogs are known to each dog.

Coming to dog day care is like your dog visiting their own dog family. They become eager to reconnect with their known pals each time they arrive.

*  Owners enjoy a dog-free, guilt-free day weekly.

*  Dogs are under consistent supervision.

*  Dogs are in a clean environment.

*  Dogs learn appropriate Canine-Social Skills.

*  Dogs acquire canine friends, play, enjoy a stimulating environment and go home

T I R E D!

Owners choose the day(s) of the week they will bring their dog and commit to bringing the dog on the same day weekly. This model ensures familiarity among the dogs and reduces  stress.

By attending Day Care on a weekly basis, your dog is helped to learn (trained!) appropriate Canine Social Skills  Inappropriate play patterns are consistently interrupted.

*  Dogs must undergo a handling evaluation prior to day care attendance. The evaluation shows that the dog accepts human handling. (The dog allows his paws and ears to be handled, his teeth to be inspected and to be lifted up off the floor.) If the dog shies away and does not allow this handling, he is not a candidate for this day care model.

*  Owners must present written proof of up-to-date immunization from a veterinarian at the time of their application appointment. Veterinary immunization records may be faxed to: 866 850 7557.

*  If owners have chosen to forego immunization, a veterinarian statement is required.

*  Dogs over 6 months of age must be spayed or neutered. This is non-negotiable.

*  Pups may attend day care once their immunizations are complete (approximately 4 months of age).

5 visits $130    10 visits $250

If you are interested in getting your dog started in our daycare, please complete the Smarter than your Dog! Day Care Application and schedule your application appointment by calling 360 421-5968 or emailing:

Watch a video of a typical time on the day care floor.

Dog Day Care Application