Handling evaluations are by appointment only. Monday – Friday


Drop off times

Drop off is from 7:30 am to 9:00 am Monday – Friday.  During this time dogs get acquainted with each other and they are separated into their appropriate play group. This is a time to stabilize the pack. When dogs enter the daycare floor after 9:00 am without going through proper introduction, the pack is destabilized.

Our Daycare Model

We build stable canine packs and minimize your dog’s stress. What’s a “stable canine pack?” It’s a social unit where the dogs are known to each dog.

Coming to dog daycare is like your dog visiting their own dog family. They become eager to reconnect with their known pals each time they arrive.

Owners choose the day(s) of the week they will bring their dog and commit to bringing the dog on the same day weekly. This model ensures familiarity among the dogs and reduces stress.

By attending daycare on a weekly basis, your dog is helped to learn (trained!) appropriate canine social skills; inappropriate play patterns are consistently interrupted.

If you are interested in getting your dog started in our daycare, please click  here and fill out a new customer registration profile or you can click the “Reservations” tab above.   

Weekend Boarding/Daycare

Weekend daycare has limited availability with boarding dogs taking priority. Saturday and Sunday daycare is also available for dogs approved for the canine pack environment.  Once the weekend boarding/daycare is filled, no dogs will be received.