Grooming is available with Tierra “T” Houston!

Tierra comes to STYD with a wide array of skills and fantastic recommendations. On top of that list, being a graduate of Grooming Academy and a successful five-year grooming career. Tierra is fully equipped to perform all breed specific cuts and services.

Grooming Policy Agreement (pdf printable)


Appointment Hours are available Monday through Friday from 10:30 am to 5:30 pm.  You can secure an appointment with Tierra by calling (360)293-2155.

Also, once our online program Gingr is ready, you will be able to see all  available services and book online.


  • Toenail Trim: nail trim done with nail clippers $10

  • Nail Grinding: Nail grinding/rounding done with nail dremel $15

  • Toenail Painting: nail painting with a color of your choice $15

  • 15 min Trim: trimming done within 15 min on any part of your dog $15

  • 15 min Brush Out/Dematting: done for 15 min $15

  • 30 min Brush Out/Dematting: done for 30 min $22

  • Teeth Brushing: with enzymatic toothpaste and fresh breath spray $10

  • Ear Cleaning/Plucking: Cleaning of inner ear with your choice of medicated or regular ear cleaning solution/ear hair removal done with ear powder and hemostats $10

  • External Anal Gland Expression: Expression of anal glands externally $10

  • Pawdicure: nail grind, paw trim up, cologne spritz $20

  • Pawdicure Plus: nail grind, paw trim up, 15 min. brush out, teeth brushing  $30

  • Upkeep Package: nail grind, paw/face/sani trim, 15 min. brush out, teeth brushing $40

  • All baths and grooming service prices will vary based on the dog’s weight, hair length and services attached.