Group Classes for Adult Dogs

Adult Dogs (1 year and older)


Adult Dog Basic Obedience classes meet for six sessions. The class covers: Focusing behaviors, Sit, Down, Stay, Come!, Drop It!, Leave It!, Loose Leash Walk (NO PULL!) and a few good-manners behaviors. Class format goes like this: Review previously learned behaviors, learn new behaviors and then play a game using one of the behaviors — Prizes awarded!

The first session of the course is owners only. No doggies. We cover 10 Training Truths, learn the elements of Positive Based Training and four ways to employ Negative Punishment (withdrawing owner attention) to extinguish undesirable behaviors.  Then we learn three focusing techniques — ways to get your dog to pay attention to YOU! We’ll have one demo dog there.

All dogs can learn with Positive Based training. Age is not relevant. What IS relevant for older dogs is they already have established behavior patterns and we are going to be changing the house rules on them. For many adult dogs, they need to learn to merely focus on the owner.

Classes are open to 6 owner/dog teams. The cost is $140 which includes a training treat pouch and high-value treats.

The classes are held at my training/daycare facility at 9119   Molly Lane #101. It’s located right behind the Jerry Smith Chevrolet dealer on Highway 20 and Reservation Road in Anacortes.

If this sounds like it’s a good fit for your training needs, please email me at