Group Classes for Puppies

Puppies (4-12 months)

Pup Basic Obedience /Socialization classes meet for six sessions.

The first session of the course is owners only. No dogs. We learn foundation training principles, Positive Based Training techniques and ways to extinguish undesirable behaviors. I always have a demo pup present (one of the participant’s pups) and I then show owners 2 Focusing techniques — how to get your doggie to pay attention to YOU instead of the smorgasbord of life. Attendance for the first session is mandatory. If you cannot attend this session, you will not be able to keep up in later sessions.

The next 5 sessions, the pups come to class. Oh joy! The curriculum covers: Sit, Down, Stay, Come!, Drop It!, Leave It! and Loose-Leash-Walk (no pull) plus some good manners behaviors. We also cover features of canine behavior and socialization. We do let pups play but only those with compatible play styles. We separate pups who are playing well. We do not turn all pups loose and let them work it out. Unless we want to give the local vets some business.

Class format goes like this: Practice learned behaviors, learn the week’s new behaviors and lastly, we play a silly game that uses the learned behaviors. Prizes awarded.

We employ Positive-Based-Training techniques which means we use verbal marking/reward to motivate dogs to perform the desired behavior. We will not be harsh. We will not jerk dogs around. This does not mean we are permissive however.

The classes are held at the Smarter than your Dog daycare training/daycare center at 9119  Molly Lane #101. It’s located right behind the Jerry Smith Chevrolet dealer on Highway 20 and Reservation Road in Anacortes.

The cost of the class is $160.00 which includes a treat pouch and some high-value treats. Classes are limited to 6 owner/dog teams. The class is suitable for pups up to 1 year of age. Proof of vaccinations are required. Pups who are people-aggressive or dog-aggressive are not suitable for this class.

If this sounds like a good fit for your training needs, please email me at

Debbie Exley, CDT