Positive Based Training

Positive Based Training utilizes the principle of Positive Reinforcement by rewarding the dog the very moment he performs the desired behavior. We use a verbal marker, such as ‘Good Dog!’ to indicate to the dog that he performed the desired behavior and follow that with a reward. The reward motivates the dog to repeat the behavior. The reward may be a high-value food tidbit, a squeaky toy, brief ball play or whatever ignites the dog. And don’t forget, timing is everything!

We employ Negative Punishment to extinguish a behavior. The term Negative Punishment is tricky in its meaning — it doesn’t sound like what it is. ‘Negative’ equals take something away. ‘Punishment’ means to extinguish a behavior. We are going to take something away to eliminate a behavior. What do we take away? The owner’s attention. Owners are coached on four ways to employ Negative Punishment.

In Positive-Based Training, our goal is to get the dog to want to do what we ask, with ears up, smiling and tail wagging. We are not forcing the dog to do what we want. We will not raise our voices or be heavy-handed with the dog. Seldom if ever will we employ Positive Punishment (Positive Punishment equals adding something unpleasant or painful to extinguish a behavior.)