Problem Behaviors

Smarter than your Dog! applies a systematic approach to solving problem behaviors.

  1. Assure adequate daily exercise (A tired dog is a good dog!)

  2. Strengthen owner leadership by sharpening the dog’s obedience

  3. Give the dog an alternative desirable behavior that has a bigger pay-off.

Sessions are done at the Smarter than your Dog! daycare center: 

9119 Molly Lane #101, Anacortes. (Behind Jerry Smith Chevrolet)

Submissive Urination? Bolting through doors? Digging?

Submissive Urination

The genetically shy dog is a super submissive type and is sensitive to any forms of harsh or dominating behavior from humans. Even non-genetically submissive dogs can become extremely submissive if the owner misunderstands and unintentionally forces the dog to … Continue reading

Bolting Out Doors

Bolting through doors — teach your dog the WAIT command (“WA-IT”) Owners are often confused by the ‘Wait’ cue and the ‘Stay’ cue. Wait really means “Await”, as in “await further instructions”. It is different from ‘Stay’ which means “See … Continue reading


Digging is a natural behavior that can be pleasing to a dog. For some breeds, digging is a behavior that was genetically bred into them (Terriers and Dachshunds). Excessive daily digging is unfortunately NOT a desirable behavior that dog owners … Continue reading