Effective dog training demands effective owner-coaching. Trainer Debbie Exley brings over 30 years as a people trainer (a Physical Therapist) to the owner-coaching side of the equation. Her dog training skills are supported by formal instruction through Animal Behavior College in Northridge California. She is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and undergoes continuous education about the latest in animal behavior findings.

Debbie employs ‘Positive-Based’ (Praise/Reward) training techniques . We will not raise our voice, we will not be heavy-handed, we will not deliver a pop to the dog’s collar. We will however immediately remove all positive rewards for an undesired behavior and give well-timed praise and rewards for desired behaviors. Positive does not mean permissive!

The goal of Smarter than Your Dog! is to make a dog’s life better and she believes this can be best achieved through training. A trained dog lives a bigger, fuller life. And a trained dog makes an owner’s life better. Everybody wins.