Grooming/Bathing at STYD

Appointment hours are available Monday through Sunday.  Grooming prices are based on hair length and density, dog weight and services provided. Contact STYD for pricing and specifics.

Grooming appointments for all service types are by appointment only. This means that no matter if you are booking a nail grind, a bath, or a full haircut (groom) we reserve a specific appointment time for you and your pup! A fee will be applied for clients who do not show and do not provide 72 hours advance notification for cancellation. 

You may also secure a grooming reservation by emailing us or calling. Please email us at: or give us a call at (360) 293 - 2155.

A´la cart services

*Please call for pricing estimates on all services*

Nail GrindYour pet's nails are rounded and smoothed over with a specialized grinding tool. This can often get them shorter than regular nail trimming. Nail trimming might be done before the grinding itself at no additional charge

Nail TrimTrim nails with a clipper.

Oral CareTeeth-brushing done with enzymatic toothpaste and a spritz of fresh breath spray. 

PawdicureIncludes:  Nail grind, paw trim/tidy and cologne spritz.

15 - 30 Minute ScissorThis scissoring can consist of trimming any out area that needs a tidy. Add this service to any bath package or as a stand alone walk-in service. 

External Gland ExpressionExternal gland expression is when pressure is applied on the outside of the glands and the contents are expressed. We do not perform internal gland expressions.

15 - 30 Minute Desensitization Session: This service is available and suggested for puppies or dogs who are uncomfortable with the grooming process. With this service we implement many different exercises with positive reinforcement techniques to desensitize dogs to common/mandatory grooming handling/tools/procedures. This helps create a positive experience and relationship between your furry friend and grooming staff, which leads to less stress and problems arising from grooming services. This can be added to any bath or groom service.


*Please call for pricing estimates on all baths*  

The Full Service Bath: Your pup's bath experience will be tailored to their individual needs and coat condition upon the day of service. Included are  the following treatments: 


*Please call for pricing estimates on all grooms*